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#1 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2016-04-13 00:23:30
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For a long time i've not seen this, maybe just because i didnt used auctions for some time.
Here's classic Ebay cheating: inflate of the price.

Actuallyu this is very usual fraud when seller use secondary account or friends account to raise pprices on own items. But i found one very stupid seller who did that wih 100% of his items. SO we are welcome seller from Russian federation: deviladriver.

He has 100% feedback rating (mostly buyers rating), not so mush feedbacks as seller. At the moment when i fixed him he got 124 items on auction and a bit more before i fixed it (about 150), but they already ended.

I found this seller by automatic Goods search tool, there was some interesting item and i decided to watch and bid on it at the end of auction. Right before ending of te item i found that it has few low bids and decided to bid. But in the seconds before end price was raised up to next step over my bid, however i put high bid, and i lost it.

After that I decoded to check buyer who got highest bid, and there was surprise!
This buyer (with feedback rating - 4) made bids on 76 items of this seller! And in total he makes bids only on this seller because his relations with seller was 100%. He was very hard bidder - 225 bids on 76 items from only one seller! However he could be just fan of this seller, because he already bought several items before.

I decided to explore all other items from this seller. And what i found? This fan won almost all items from this seller! He's very lucky fan!

And he don't cares about prices.

The Beatles - In Mono (2009) JAPAN 13 CD (Mini LP) Box Set [Sealed, Brand New]
The Beatles - BOX (2009) JAPAN 16 CD + DVD Long Box Set [BRAND NEW]

He buy all, even very usual items

Check out prices, they are just great!

Don't loose, don't loose anything

And very nice bids everywhere, all ends on .99, He perhaps really knew that previous bidder has bid with .98!

here's very needful items, bid more and more, do not loose it!

Looking at last 2 items i found another one strange bidder. and here it is! another fan of this seller! with 95% activity with this seller.

And here's the battle of fans

Poor, poor Pink Floyd fans, who tried to win at least one rare item...just wasted their time

And now i found another sellers fan with 32% realtions and bed on 108 items!

What happeing there? here's another one что же это такое! 33 bid retractions in 6 month, 122 bids on sellers items.

Look at this bid listing! these fans bid themselves. And poor initial bidder should look crazy seeing that.

And what we see? Another sellers fan with 100% realtions to this seller!

Take all! even something absolutely strange and unknown in russia

All boxes mine! no one will get them, Whoahahahaha....

Oh man:( He lost one item...

So! would you like to get fan of this seller too?Or maybe someone of them will not give you to buy anything..

ANd in the end: "Dan! Take feedback", o man thank you that you gave his to will all your items!

C'mon Dennis! Make new items, More and More! Thankyouverymuch!

p.s. after few days seller receiver only 5 feedbacks for most cheapest items bought buy this fan

and after next day he send me unnoficial second chance offer for the item i lost (winner was the same)....
#2 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2016-04-17 21:08:08
All previously sold items are selling again...
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